Is there a size limitation on the flyers?

Flyers range from postcard size to legal size.    Odd-sized or heavy materials may incur an extra charge.  Please call us and we can discuss. 

How many flyers do you deliver each week and how often do you deliver to each area?

 It varies, but we average 2 to 5 flyers per week and deliver to each subdivision once per month, ensuring consistent visibility without overexposure. 

What if I want flyers delivered to areas other than those on your list?

We are a member of Central VA Flyers so if we don't cover an area you are interested in, one of our sister companies most likely does. They deliver to the Midlothian, Woodlake, Far West End/Short Pump, and Chesterfield areas. Check out

Who delivers the flyers?

The owners do all the deliveries.  We do not hire drivers to deliver materials.

Do you deliver in inclement weather?

 No. We want your flyer to be delivered in prime condition so we only deliver on days when there is no danger of weather damage. We only guarantee delivery during a specific week but not on a specific day. 

Can you guarantee that I will get a good response?

No, we can only guarantee delivery of your flyer. We do suggest that you include a coupon, code, or some other identifier to measure response to your flyer. Central Virginia Flyers includes several companies that have been successfully operating in this area since 1998.